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Ego industries is more than just a manufacturer focus on making production, we are a reliable partner who can produce quality products as well as help taking customers’ idea from a thought to final production. No matter which stage you are at, an idea or sketch, full detailed drawings or just a product that requires fixing or improving, we can use the latest info or drawings coupled with our design expertise and plastic knowledge, to make sure your product is capable of being produced consistently, economically and to a very high standard.


Design & Simulation (Rapid prototyping if suitable)

Whether your idea is just a simple sketch on the back of an envelope, a drawing in a computerized format, or even just a thought you can not quite put down on paper yourself, we can help you to take it to the next level. Our staff will work with you and refine the concepts you have come up with using CAD and Solidworks, while also identifying potential weak points and suggesting improvements along the way, of course the suggestions we propose will be based on its application and function.

For us, there is no job that is too big or too small, our customer will end up with a design and and end product that provides you with the following:

♦ Optimized product design leading to efficient manufacturing costs

♦ Products that perform the function they were designed for.

♦ CAD design drawings that can be used to produce rapid prototypes if required

♦ Minimized tooling costs


We have an advanced CNC machining workshop on site, that means we can do it from design to mold making, then to final production all in-house, this is the best for customers, as we know every detail about this design, and risk reduction if having it taken to someone else that not very familiar with our design.

The equipment for make the mold includes:

♦ Vezetékes EDM

♦ 3 axis CNC machine

♦ 4 axis CNC machine

♦ CNC lathes & Manual lathes

♦ CNC milling & Manual milling

♦ Grinding


♦ Plastic injection molding

♦ Plastic rotational molding

♦ Plastic blow molding

♦ Plastic thermoforming

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♦ Welding includes Ultrasonic Welding, Vibration Welding, Laser Welding;

♦ Printing includes Hot Stamping/Decal, Silk-Screen Printing, Tempo Printing, Laser Engraving, Label Application;

♦ Painting and texture;

♦ Assembly with other fittings;

♦ Customized packaging;

♦ Provide certification such as RoHS, Reach, CE...;